The Divine Scepter

Chapter 1: Excavating the Ruins

Several adventurers found themselves in the town of St. Barts, all for various reasons. Niem, the Wildling Seeker, arrived to find more information about the origin of a totem clearly originating from her desecrated village, which was traded for in St Barts. She met up with Mad Maluk at his trading post, who informed her that he snatched it off some goblins only about 2-3 days ago. He said someone else in town might know which direction they headed. As Niem was leaving the shack, she was spotted by Tobrin, the Human Warlord. Niem vaguely explained her interest in finding the goblins and Tobrin agreed to help. They heard that a stable boy named Maximilian had a scuffle with some goblins recently and went to see him. Max informed him that he went riding to a patch of forest up north where some ruins lie, and there was a handful of goblins there that warded him off. Niem explained more thoroughly her interest in the goblins, and Tobrin decided to accompany her to the camp to help in her cause.

Meanwhile, Beornwulf and Eanmund, the barbarians, arrived and traveled straight to the bar, despite the early hour. There, they overheard a conversation about an archeologist needing help with a dangerous expedition. Harper, the Sorcerer, was also able to find out about a warforged expert in town. The three met up at Liara’s cottage. Beornwulf helped the young scientist carry some parts over to a workstation and, impressed by his strength, she jumped to offer them some work. She explained that the ruins up north might house a golem, an advanced warforged relic from the War of the Planes. She expects that she might be able to salvage enough to maybe find some clue to unearthing the Divine Scepter. However, first she needs adventurers to clear out the baddies inside so she can safely get in to analyze the remnants.

The three agreed and set off on a different path than Niem and Tobrin toward the ruins. When Niem and Tobrin arrived in the forested area, they quickly located the goblin encampment and attempted to sneak up on them. Meanwhile, the barbarians and Harper attempted to search the area, but in doing so, mistakenly walked right into the encampment. With both groups somewhat surprised by the aimless meandering, Eanmund reached for his weapons and the goblins began retaliating. With a proper distraction, Niem and Tobrin used the advantage of surprise to flank the encampment from the other end, quickly wiping out the dozen or so camped out there. They left the leader alive, and were able to find out that they were a part of the group that attacked Niem’s village, but the main goblin camp headed somewhere else, which the goblin couldn’t disclose. Niem put the goblin out of his misery, and she and Tobrin joined up with the others to help clear out the ruins, which the goblins were camped out in front of.

A heavy stone slab covered the entrance of the ruins, with the words “This door yields only to…” carved over the doorway. The rest of the message had deteriorated. Tobrin and Niem looked about around the entrance to see if they could find the remainder of the message, and found two words on separate fallen stones: “Mortal” and “Blood.” Niem took a bloodied arrow and put it against the rock, causing it to open just enough for the group to squeeze through.

Inside, Beornwulf was quickly greeted with a hazard as the ancient floor crumbled at his step. The party hopped the pit and into an unlit room littered with skeletons from the war long past. Tobrin attempted to analyze one of the skeletons for the cause of death, but as he did so, the dead returned to life and grabbed the unsuspecting warlord. Throughout the hall, skeletons began rising to defend their tomb, but were no match for the teams combined effort.

Afterward, Niem began searching the walls for doors, as the only means of delving further was a 10 foot hole in the floor. She found that one of the walls was hallowed and weak. Eanmund and Tobrin had no difficulty breaking down the wall with brute strength. However, this feat created a fracture in the room’s structure, and parts of the ceiling began falling all around the party. Niem quickly rushed into the room to grab a cloak that was hanging on an upright bust before following the rest into the hole.



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