The Divine Scepter

Chapter 2: The Shrine of Dagon

While being swarmed with large shadowhunter bats, the sightless reapers summoned wisps out of the corpses of the gnolls. Though, the weak wisps were not enough to defend the bats or the reapers, and soon their corpses were among the gnolls’.

The party then advanced through several more rooms, unprovoked. At every open or closed door, they could hear nothing but silence. The area did not seem to be looted, as they were able to find several vials of poisons and some scattered coinage.

They continued up a small staircase until arriving at the only lit room in the dungeon: a throne room for the head shaman, who was deceased beside his makeshift throne of bone and hide. The middle of the room was dedicated to a statue of an octopus, set upon a platform. While examining the shaman, Tobrin and Sebald analyzed the statue and determined that this was a shrine to the cult of Dagon, an octopus monster. This was most unusual, as the location of the gnoll encampment was landlocked, and there are hardly any cultists of Dagon in this region of the world.

Tobrin also revealed that the idol was cursed and likely causing the miasma. Sebald offered to try to suppress the curse, but not wanting him to become incapacitated, Tobrin volunteered himself instead. Once he approached, tentacles of miasmic mist attacked and restrained the warlord. Similarly, from the growd, two massive tentacles emerged and began attacking the party. Niem and Harper attempted to suppress the cursed idol by closing up the vents causing the miasma while the others kept them and Sebald safe from the darktentacles.

Niem was able to clog up the holes, and the remaining limb weakened and dissipated. While recovering from the fight, Sebald queried as to how the statue ended up in a place like this. Niem told him about the Eladrin that stole the golem and who was working with the gnolls. Sebald didn’t seem convinced though, saying that it was even more odd for an Eladrin, denizens of the civil class, to possess such a wicked object.

Thoroughly stumped, the only thing left was to destroy the cursed idol once and for all. Beornwulf and Eanmund endured an overwhelming sense of drowning as they carried the statue outside, where Sebald cast the remove affliction spell on the statue. Now without any magical power, Beornwulf crushed the octopus statue with his axe.

Now that his mission was done and the evil vanishing, Sebald gave his thanks as he returned to his missionary duties.



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